Rocky Ate My Balls

Welcome to the site devoted to Rocky Balboa's obsession with Balls. Here you will discover the length "The Italian Stallion" will go to, just to munch on a few balls. Move the cursor over the pics for a little more ball-eating humor.

The look of pure hunger.

"The eye of the tiger doesn't mean a thing when I'm chewing on your balls"

Severe pressure to the head and neck can cause serious ailment to your balls

"That'll teach ya to eat my balls!!!"

This is where the fruit guy throws Rock a fresh left nut

"Never eat balls on the run... I have terrible cramps."

A great workout for both Rocky and the guy sitting so kindly above

"I like to give my balls a little tenderizing before I chow down."

Old School Balls!

"Go out there and eat his balls Rock!"

Someone needs a napkin.

"I guess that guy was really attached to his balls."

Get that mic out of my face.  I want Balls!

"Wow, what a great job. I get a pretty belt, and I get to munch balls too!!!"

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